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Corporate & Commercial

KLR has an outstanding Corporate, Commercial & Contracts Law Practice.Our expert corporate lawyers, chartered accountants, companysecretaries and other professionals enjoy high reputation in mattersrelated to all corporate & commercial laws of India and are adept inhandling complex commercial and corporate legal matters, advising onentry strategies, risk identification, structuring, planning anddocumentation. We have been advising several MNCs in India on theirmyriads of day-to-day business activities and legal issues. Our teamcombines its expertise over relevant corporate & commercial laws alongwith its comprehensive understanding of clients’ industry and business.This holistic approach enables our Firm to offer its clients proactive legalsolutions which are business oriented, pragmatic and workable in realbusiness environmentThe Corporate Division of KLR manages a full range of corporate and
commercial matters which inter alia include the following:
• Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016
• Anti-Dumping
• Anti-Trust and Competition
• Bankruptcy
• Capital Market and Securities
• Corporate and Commercial Contracts
• Corporate Restructuring
• Due Diligence
• Establishment of Branch, Liaison and Project Office
• Foreign Investment and Regulation
• Franchising
• Incorporation of Companies in India & Winding Up
• Joint Ventures/Shareholders Agreement
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund
• Privatization/Disinvestment
• Retail
• Regulatory Compliances
• Special Economic Zone (SEZ)